Winamp 2.9 Beta2

Все качаем!
Winamp 2.9 beta 2
Медиалайбрари просто супер.
Те кто пользуется 2-кой вразрез 3-ке, поймут, когда скачают, в чем плюсы
А вообще
Winamp 2.9 beta 2 (small fixes since 2.9 beta, but useful nonetheless)
( this list should go away with 2.90, maybe, since it’s all bugfixes since 2.9 beta)
* fixed ml_ plugin support
* changed video popup menu to remove Ctrl+ on 1 2 ` stuff
* fixed multi monitor support for video
* fixed some ml vfs bugs, made writeout nearly atomic, optimized.
* fixed ml import current playlist bug (needed a savequerytree())
* made in_nmp3 not use builtin EQ if used in DLL mode
* fixed end of file skipping bug on CD tracks
* made CD digital extraction off by default
* made video window sizes to remain when switching video modes
* fixed some video OSD stuff
* added mms:// and mmst:// and mmsu:// url style support to in_dshow
* added nsv prefs, streaming buffer size
* in_nsv includes nsvtag as well as media library setting ability.
* made winampmenu in embedwnd initialize submenus =)
* fixed crash in internet radio/tv on dblclick when refreshing
* updated in_vorbis to v1.31
* made in_vorbis support extended metadata setting/getting
* updated in_mod to v2.2.10 beta 29

Winamp 2.9 beta:
* added integrated full featured video support (NSV and DirectShow (AVI,ASf,MPEG,etc))
* added library (complete with media database, shoutcast listing, playlist editing,
CD listing, mass tag editting, plugin API for portable devices, and more!)
* updated Winamp’s window docking code to be more robust/extensible
– made AVS dock use this new API
* updated PCM equalizer with code from 4Front Technologies/George Yohng. Quality is a lot better.
* updated equalizer default skin to show the true +12db/-12db range (the 20db was a veeery old typo)
* a ton of new WM_WA_IPC API calls.
– general purpose plugin window support
– extended metadata system for getting more than just title/length of items.
– lots of exposed features via IPC
* updated to PP’s latest input and output plugins
* focus/Z order change on window close related bugfixes
* added track numbers and song lengths in HTML generated playlists
* removed all ATL code, shoved EXE size by 20kb
* added digital audio extraction in in_cdda.dll (needs WNASPI32.DLL under Windows 9x/ME)
* added Alt+M shortcut for minimizing Winamp
* added Ctrl+(Keypad +)/Ctrl+(Keypad -) shortcuts in playlist editor for changing font size
* fixed stop after current menu item trash related bug
* added ultravox support for in_mp3
* made in_mp3 not display ‘unknown X’ for empty id3 tags
* fixed & error in tooltips in winamp and winampa’s systray icons
* and more!
* new SDKs will be posted soon.Bad Blood – Ministry

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